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K1238HD1T CDMA Modem

Designed for the construction of mobile subscriber stations (MS) supporting CDMA IS-95A communication standard. Circuit has in its structure all the necessary set of blocks: modulator / demodulator of IS-95A channels, the Viterbi decoder, a matched filter, the analog part of the control unit block, a CPU interface, self-test unit, energy consumption control unit.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Support IS-95
  • Coding and modulation of data in order to signal the return channel performed in accordance with the IS-95A standard
  • Search and demodulation of direct channel signals of a IS-95A standard
  • Convolutional encoding of transmitted data
  • Viterbi algorithm of direct data channels
  • Synchronizing with a base station for the pilot channel

Data transfer rate:

  • From 1,2 kbit / s to 14.4 kbit / s

Work with DSP support:

  • 16-bit processor interface for the DSP series TMS320C54xx firm Texas Instruments

Control of the analog part of the IPU:

  • Provided by built-in mobile station transceiver management device

Fast synchronization with the base station:

  • Using a matched filter (512 coefficients length) allows quick synchronization with the base station using the Pilot Channel

Control of energy consumption:

  • Integrated power controller allows you to disable certain blocks of VLSI

Supply voltage:

  • 3.3 V

Clock Speed:

  • 10 MHz

Manufacturing technology:

  • 0.35 micron CMOS


  • LQFP-144

Operating conditions:

  • -40 to +85 C

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