Case modification R33

CE line multipurpose three-phase electricity meter.

For DIN-rail mounting.

Measurement and metering of energy in three-phase four-wire alternating current circuits with possibility of metering in one or two directions.

Integration in the payment control system by means of remote data collection via digital interface, various inbuilt and external communication modules or IrDA channel.

Accuracy class0.55; 1
Rate quantity4
Measuring network frequency, Hz50±2.5 (60±2.5)
Nominal voltage, V3×230/ 400
Basic (maximum) current, A5(10); 5(60); 5(100); 10(100)
Starting current, mA10; 20
Consumed power in parallel circuit, not more than, V*A (W)9(0.8)
Full consumed power in series circuit, not more than, V*A0.1
Operating temperature range, Cfrom -40 to -60
Overall dimensions, not more than, mm143×113×72.5
Weight, not more than, kg1

Peculiar features:

  • Electronic sealing
  • IrDA1.0 Ir-port and optical interface
  • Load control relay
  • Consumption limit excess alarm
  • Low energy consumption
  • EIA485
  • Resistance to environmental, mechanic and electromagnetic influence

Reliability characteristics:

  • Minimum time to failure 160 000 hours
  • Average service life - 30 years
  • Calibration interval - 16 years
  • Warranty period 4 years

Functional capabilities

Metering and indication of:

  • consumed active and reactive electric energy with progressive total separately and in total under four rates at the end of the month and for 13 previous months
  • graphs of active and reactive power import averaged in a set time interval (30 minutes) for not less than 60 days; active and reactive power value averaged in the last three-minute interval
  • consumed active and reactive electric energy with progressive total separately and in total under four rates at the end of the day and for 45 previous days
  • maximum value of active and reactive power averaged in a 30-minutes interval for the current and 12 previous months separately under four rates

Measurement and display of:

  • phase voltage and current RMS values
  • active power

Possibility of setting the following parameters:

  • meter serial number
  • current time and date
  • "summer" time switch (with the "summer" and "winter" time switch months setting)
  • up to 12 season beginning dates
  • up to 12 daily rating graph zones and up to 36 rating graphs
  • up to 32 exceptional days (days when rating is different and is set by the customer)
  • current ant voltage transformation ratios
  • power and consumption limits with excess interest for indication operation per each rate

The meter provides:

  • Clock rate adjustment possibility 30 sec/day once a day. Inbuilt clock accuracy 0.5 s/day
  • Storage of consumer settings for not less than 16 years, clock rate and calendaring for not less than 10 years in case of external supply voltage absence
  • Fixation of 20 last clock adjustment, rate zone time reset and metrological characteristics reprogramming
  • Fixation of 100 last phase voltage failures and accepted phase voltage value spillover
  • Metering accuracy while changing current direction in phase current circuit
  • Load control with RCD (or external switching device) on dispatch operator command with shutdown mode indication
  • Data and program memory protection against unauthorized changes with the help of buttons or via interface (two passwords for two access levels, access protection (button or another device), electronic sealing with fixation in the event log)
  • Data display on LCD with set periodicity (T=5 sec) or browsing with the help of control elements (button) on the front panel
  • Power supply from both phase (1 phase) and phase-to-phase (zero wire disconnection) voltage
  • Automated calibration and verification of all measured and metered parameters with the help of digital interfaces
  • Reducing all energy and power data to initial values considering metering transformers ratio
  • Power and consumption limits deviation alarm

Overall dimensions

Designation structure

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Made in Zelenograd

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