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Watch glass

Corundum outstanding hardness (it ranks second after diamond) enables to use it as watch glass in top and middle class watches instead of quartz and plastic glass. Watch glass from synthetic corundum is highly resistant to scratching and other types of mechanical damage.

Cylinders and plates for white light emitting diodes (LED)

Advantages: low power consumption is combined with high brightness of LEDs based on a synthetic corundum substrate. They are now widely used as a backlight in LCD screens of TV-sets, mobile telephones, laptops, headlights, advertising boards and others.

Observation windows for instrument engineering

High transparency and temperature resistance of synthetic corundum enable to use it in instrument engineering and to observe thermal processes standing close to the source of high temperature (combustion, melting and etc.).

Optical elements

Optical properties of corundum enable to use it in optical filters of light waves ranging between < 0,15 micrometers and > 6,5 micrometers.

Plates for silicon-on-sapphire strain gauge sensors

When using silicon schemes the insulation of components is achieved by means of reverse-biased junctions, which makes them sensitive to high temperatures, while simple insulation of silicon on dielectric corundum substrate using photolithographic etching of patterns makes the schemes more accurate when operating in high temperatures.

Synthetic corundum tubes for gas discharge devices, laps and protective covers for use in aggressive environments (due to the high chemical inertness of synthetic corundum).

  • Refraction index Ц 1.72
  • Melting point Ц 2050
  • Hardness (according to Mohs Scale) Ц 9
  • Lattice - hexagonal

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