Design experience

Analog/Mixed-signal/RF design experience: developed analog and RF blocks for various RF ICs, including LNAs, VCOs, AGC, VGAs, harmonic rejection mixers, RSSI, RF power amplifiers, RF detectors, modulators, crystal oscillators, filters, ADCs, DACs, bandgap references, etc. and more complex modules such as receiver and transmitter paths.


DM's R&D in the field of advanced high-performance computing architectures targeted to implementation on nanoscale technologies:

  • Development of high-performance programmable and dynamically reconfigurable heteroprocessor SoC platform based on configurable multi-architecture processing element.
  • Development of high-abstraction level design environment for heteroprocessor SoC HW/SW co-design and co-simulation.

R&D activities and competences in semiconductor design

Circuits and Systems Design/Testing
Design areasTypesSemiconductor Materials
IC-DesignAnalog ICSi
System-level DesignDigital ICSi / Ge
-Mixed IC


  • Bipolar
  • SOI


  • Telecommunications
  • Autonomous energy efficient smart systems
  • Heterogeneous systems, integration of heterogeneous functions
  • Biomedical microsystems and smart miniaturised systems

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