124498, Moscow (Zelenograd), proezd 4806, build. 5/23


ELVIS-PLUS custom development includes:

  • Development of application program interfaces for security of specialized applications, including implementation of digital signature technologies and integration with PKI authentication and authorization services;
  • Development of Single Sign-On technologies to unify access to information resources within large heterogeneous networks;
  • Integration of information security subsystems (network and application components) with cryptosystems from other vendors;
  • Integration of different information security components with leading PKI-systems (RSA, Baltimore, Netscape, Microsoft, etc.);
  • Development of secure web-oriented application systems (corporate portals, e-commerce systems and other application systems with web interface);
  • Development of specialized software for intrusion monitoring, vulnerability detection, audit and record-keeping;
  • Development of new and integration of existing token utilities and libraries of smart card producers, electronic keys and other security tokens.
  • And others

ELVIS-PLUS uses the most up-to-date methods of project management and approved product test procedures.

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