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Delta Premium will effectively replace a whole set of WiMAX equipment: MIMO antenna + 2 pigtails + USB modem + two expensive microwave cables.

Provides perfect WIMAX4G connection. This is a mobile device that fits well in a laptop case and is easy to install and configure. The product is remarkable for its capability to maintain strong connection. Using directional MIMO antenna will give you a great advantage in areas with week signal. If you have the antenna in your car you will get faster 4G Internet connection in any place. This mobile solution for home and office provides maximum 4G speed.

Merits of DELTA Premium WiMAX antenna

  • High efficiency and perfect WIMAX 4G signal amplification
  • When using the antenna, your network signal indicator will move up from the middle to good signal receipt
  • Easy installation, connection and configuration
  • USB connection, no pigtails or microwave cables are required
  • Built-in INTEL 5150/6250 modem helps to avoid signal loss and enables connection to all WIMAX 4G network operators
  • MIMO technology significantly increases data speed and connection stability
  • Wide directivity pattern simplifies antenna tuning for maximum signal
  • Stylish design
  • Velvet transport cover
  • Minimal weight and size

DELTA Premium offers professional equipment for the best quality connection.

2.5 - 2.7 GHz mobile dual-polarized directional MIMO antenna with built-in modem INTEL WIMAX 5150 (6250) intended for WiMAX 4G network application.

Provides maximum speed and stable connection to COMSTAR or YOTA networks in areas with poor signal quality.

SpecificationsModel:Delta Premium
Frequency range, MHz2500-2700
Antenna gain, dBiMIMO 214
ModemIntel WiMAX link 5150(6250)
ConnectionUSB + 3-meter cable
Ambient temperature, °-40 +60
Wieght, kg0.25

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