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Dentalix X-ray dental video-systems

Dentalix has a typical for any other video-systems set of facilities including a sensor (CCD-matrix with 20 x 30 mm area X-ray field), a frame-grabber (for a video-signal converting) and PC with a software specialized for radiological images processing and storage.

Loaded with a function of radiographic film with traditional procedures, the sensor (under an expendable coat) is placed in a patient's mouth opposite the tooth to be observed. In some of cases, a sensor positioning unit is needed to be applied.

An image appearance on the PC display is provided with two-step conversion of X-ray beaming, first, into electric signal by sensor (CCD-matrix) and, sequentially, into digital image by frame-grabber.

It is important to be note that an exposure on the 3 x 4 cm size film, in reference to the radiation doze, is more dangerous than a fluorographic procedure, since there are no intensifying screens used and the X-ray zone is close to thyroid. With a procedure on DENTALIX, the radiation doze is about by 10 reduced.

X-ray digital sensor characteristics:

  • 25×44×5.8 mm (456×684 pin) full size. Pin size is 44&tiems;44;
  • 20×30 mm sensitive area. Expense resolution - better than 10 line/mm;
  • Compatible with all the X-ray dental apparatuses types. High voltage range - 50 -70 kV. Exposure time - more 80 msec

DENTALIX. complete set:

  • X-ray digital intraoral sensor. Expendable hygienic coat set. X-ray sensor positioning accessory set. Image capture and sensor controlling device (incorporated in system-block of PC). Small-dimensional attached block
  • Pentium 3.PC of PENTIUM-3 class
  • VIZIDENT Software for Windows 95/98/2K
  • Technical documentation. Connecting cables
  • Thermo-printer (optionally)

PC requirements:

  • It is recommended: central processor - class Celeron A/Pentium-2/Pentium-3. Min - Pentimum no more 200 MHz
  • RAM for VIZIDENT Software: recommended - 64 MB, min - 32 mB
  • Monitor - min 15" SVGA
  • Video-card - SVGA, with video-RAM - min 4 MB and RAMDAC - min 250 MHz
  • Windows 95/98/2

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