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Dosimeter can be used both for personal monitoring of gamma radiation, and as part of the radiation monitoring system within the organization.

Using of the dosimeters DKG-05D in Automated System for Personal Dosimetry (ASPD) at facilities having a lot of staff.

Worker should get any dosimeter from the charging unit at the entrance to the control area, insert it into the slot of the reader and enter personal ID. The reader checks workers ID and ASPD software assigns the dosimeter to the worker and sets the dose alarm threshold of the dosimeter according to the allowed dose limit.

Worker should again insert the dosimeter into the reader when exits the radiation control area for transfer measured values to ASPD.

For facilities with small number of radiation workers this procedure is to be performed by the supervisor.

DKG-05D features:

  • complies with IEC 61526 Ed. 2 (2005-02) "Radiation protection instrumentation. Measurement of personal dose equivalents Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) for X, gamma and beta radiations. Direct reading personal dose equivalent and/or dose equivalent rate dosemeters"
  • storing in the built-in memory up to 1900 measurement results
  • two-way communication with the reader
  • measurement results, memory and settings protection
  • continuous setting of audible and visual alarm thresholds for PDE and PDER within full measurement range
  • charging unit for 1 dosimeter, 28 dosimeters or 56 dosimeters
  • "intellegent charger" extends battery lifetime
  • self-testing feature
  • illuminated display

Detectorssilicon semiconductor detectors
Measurement range
dose Hp(10)0.1 mSv … 15 Sv
dose rate Hp(10)1 mSv/h … 10 Sv/h
Energy range0.05 … 3.0 MeV
Audio and visual alarmexcess of system alarm thresholds;
excess of PDE threshold 42.9 Sv and PDER threshold 42.9 Sv/h;
warnings in case of failure during self-test and battery discharge down to 3.52 V
Audible alarm>80 dB at 40 cm
Visual alarmblinking LED
Measurement intervalfrom 255 seconds down to 1 second (inversely proportional to dose rate)
Memory1900 measurement results
Setting of thresholdswithin full measurement range, stepwise by 1 mSv (PDE) and 1 mSv/h (PDER)
Communication of reader with PC:
reader US-05RS-232
reader US-05CEthernet
Communication of dosimeter with readerinfrared interface
Operation temperature range (dosimeter)-20 C…+50 C
Humidityup to 98% at 35 C
Ingress protectionIP65
Power supplyrechargeable NiMH battery / 1 alcaline battery (AAA type)
Continuous operation time without charging the batterymore than 400 hours
Overall dimensions97×48×32 mm (with clip)
Weight90 g
Designwaterproof shockprotected plastic case with clip

Basic delivery set:

  • dosimeter DKG-05D
  • operation manual

Additional equipments and software:

  • ZU-1 - charge unit for 1 dosimeter
  • KZU-28 - magazine charge unit for 28 dosimeters
  • KZU-56 - magazine charge unit for 56 dosimeters
  • US-05 reader
  • US-05S reader
  • Stand DKG-05D software
  • ASPD software

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