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  • measurement of dose and ambient equivalent dose-rate (hereafter dose and dose-rate) H*(10) and H*(10) of continuous and pulsed gamma and X-ray radiation
  • measurement of alpha and beta radiation flux density
  • measurement of dose H*(10) and dose-rate H*(10) of neutron radiation
  • measurement of gamma radiation flux density
  • search and localization of radioactive sources and contaminations
  • measurement of gamma radiation flux density and dose-rate in boreholes and liquid media
  • radiation survey of territories with fixing of geographical coordinates using GPS sensor
  • control unit can be used as a pulse counter


  • automatic determination of detector type and selection of corresponding measurement modes
  • indication of several simultaneously measured quantities (for gamma and beta measurement channels of detector units BDKS-96c and BDZB-96b)
  • indication of dynamic scale and signaling information attributable to the instrument’s status and all measured quantities (excess of thresholds, presence of external interference, battery status, etc.)
  • A lot of alarm threshold settings – for dose and dose-rate (lower, upper warning and upper thresholds), for alpha and beta contaminations (flux densities)
  • fast monitoring mode using three preset thresholds
  • convenient keyboard with direct access buttons for display illumination and for control of thresholds of the audible alarm
  • automatic selection of low or high sensitivity measurement mode of the BDMG-96 detector unit
  • “Search” and “detection” modes of operation allow to perform surveys in a more effective way and to prevent errors of the operator
  • RS-232 interface for communication with personal computer
  • nonvolatile memory for 2000 measurement results (viewed on the display of the DKS-96 control unit or on the PC screen)
  • measurement more with background substraction

Measurement modes:

  • measurements with user defined time interval
  • measurements with unlimited time and periodic upd ate of the measurement result (until the statistical error drops down to 6%)
  • dose measurement (for gamma and neutron radiation)
  • automatic – measurements with user defined time interval (1?60 min) and archiving the results into memory
  • pulse count feature (DKS-96 counts pulses fr om the probe on 10, 30, 100, 300, 1000, 3000 second intervals)
  • “Detect” and “Locate” modes for survey probes
  • threshold mode for estimation of measured radiation intensity in comparison with one, two or three thresholds and indication of both the numeric value and a corresponding message (“Excess”, “Normal”, “Clean”, “Clean!”)

Basic complete set:

  • UIK-05 (UIK-05-01) or UIK-06 control unit (at the customer's option)
  • probes (at the customer's option)
  • case
  • passport and operation manual

Optional equipment and service:

  • cable for connection to a computer
  • software
  • charge adapter CA-02C
  • headphones
  • matching unit MU-96
  • lightproof casings for BDZA and BDZB probes
  • expanding pole 0.7; 1.6; 4 m
  • GPS sensor

Request for Quote: Dosimeter-radiometer DKS-96 (A, AL, AM, AS, AD, B, B1, BB, BS, G, GB, GW, GH, GS, GT, GL, N) wh ere desired probe types included into the complete set are designated as suffix, for example DKS-96-A-AL-GL (UIK-06) stands for DKS-96 with control unit UIK-06 and a se t of 3 probes (2 for alpha radiation and 1 for gamma radiation)

Technical characteristics
Power supply:
with UIK-05four C-size batteries
with UIK-05-01rechargeable battery
with UIK-06rechargeable battery
Continuous operation timenot less than 45÷75 hours (depending on probe type)
Operation temperature rangeminus 20÷+50°C
Warm-up timeno more than 1 min
Instability of readings during 10 hours of measurements±10%
Overall dimensions, weight:
control unit UIK-05, UIK-05-01202×86×90 mm, 1.0 kg
control unit UIK-06165×78×48 mm, 0.3 kg

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