DSPSH-20 airflow meter

Designed for continuous automatic measuring of airflow speed at coal mines atmosphere, where hazardous gases and dust concentrations can be found, as a part of mine air monitoring systems, for example, as a part of - complex.

  • Type of meter - fixed
  • Operating mode continuous
  • Operating principle- ultrasonic

Main specifications

The meter consists of:

  • power supply and processing unit ()
  • remote measuring sensor (), with a support stick

The meter is -component and certified:

  • "Ex[ia]I U"
  • "Ex[ia]I U"

As a part of - complex the meter is highly explosive-proof mine electrical equipment (PO) with the explosion protection spark-proof circuit of "ia" degree and is certified:

  • " Ex[ia]I as a part of -"
  • "Ex[ia]I as a part of -"

The device has three measurement modes:

  • measuring of airflow instantaneous speed
  • measuring of airflow average speed within time frame (time lag up to 99 s shall be specified using control keyboard)
  • measuring of air rate at mine working cross-section taking into account location in mine working cross-section (the mode is specified using control keyboard )

The airflow speed meter gives the possibility to keep at nonvolatile memory up to 100 measurements with designated time discreteness (using control keyboard ).

The meter has:

  • light indication, telling about supply availability
  • digital indication of airflow speed, airflow average speed, air rate

When airflow has a negative direction, the sign "-" is popped up before digital values, and output discrete signal resistance is over 1 MOhm

Delivery set:

  • Air-flow meter -20, SPTA set, service papers.

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Made in Zelenograd

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