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A set of pen-style personal dosimeters DVGI-8D (gamma and X-ray)



  • measurement of personal dose equivalent Hp(10) of gamma and X-ray radiation


  • easy in use
  • express measurement results
  • correct measurements under intense pulsed radiation
  • tolerance to external electromagnetic disturbances and mechanical impacts
  • electrometric reading of dose value measured by dosimeters, ensuring a wide range and high accuracy of measurements
  • low leakage (self-discharge) of the dosimeters
  • integration of information into the dosimeter in electronic form:
  • dosimeter ID number
  • measurement information dose value
  • date of last reading
  • personal dose histories in the readers memory
  • connection with personal computer for database maintanance

Basic complete set:

  • reading and control device KSU-01 1 item
  • dosimeters DVG-03D 10 items (or any quantity multiple of ten)
  • rack for 10 dosimeters 1 item
Technical characteristics
Energy range of gamma and X-ray radiations0.015÷2.5 MeV
Measurement range of dose Hp(10)0.01 mSv÷25 mSv
Limits for basic relative measurement error of personal dose equivalentless than 25 %
Self-discharge of the dosimeter during 1 hour does not exceed:
under normal conditions0.5µSv
under high temperature conditions (up to +50 )1µSv
under low temperature conditions (down to minus 50)1µSv
under high humidity (up to 98 % at 35 C)1µSv
Power supply:
dosimeter DVG-03D4 elements, type CR 1025
reading and control device KSU-01mains 220V, 50Hz; built-in batteries
Autonomous continuous operation time without charging of built-in batteries (reading of 40 dosimeters twice a day)not less than 30 days
Computer interfaceRS-232/USB 2.0
Operation temperature range:
dosimeter DVG-03Dminus 40 °C÷+50 °C
reading and control device+10 °C ÷+45 °C
Overall dimensions, weight:
dosimeter DVG-03Ddiam. 18×126 mm, 0.05 kg
reading and control device235×232×125mm,2.8 kg

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Made in Zelenograd

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