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ELKART II incorporates:

  • ELKART Amplifier
  • Integrated Programmable stimulator
  • "RF-100TI" Radiofrequency Generator
  • Dual Monitors
  • Workstation
  • Printer
  • ELKART Software

Invasive electrophysiological study process and RF (radio frequency) catheter ablation methodic is powerful tools of hard rhythm disturbance and cardial conduction diagnostics and treatment.

In 1990 Electropulse engineers developed first Russian (and one of the first in the world) RF generator for RF catheter ablation. Afterwards we designed universal system ELCART for electrophysiological research and ablation.

After 10 years ELCART have established a reputation as reliable and universal system, whose quality is up to the latest world standards.

ELCART system got wonderful reviews from leading electrocardilogists. And nowadays in Russia most part of catheter ablation abnormal cardial conduction operations (about 30-40%) based on this system.

Having a long-term experience of development cardiological and physiological equipment, we glad to introduce you the last model of universal system ELCART ELCART II Navigator.


ELKART II offers high-quality registration of 12-lead ECG and up to 192 intracardiac channels recording, including signal from ablation electrode during RF application.


The stimulator is embedded in the amplifier module and is controlled through integrated ELKART software interface ensuring unmatched flexibility, safety and control of stimulator functions. Electronic commutation to any pair of electrode poles or to external output. 4 fully programmable "virtual" outputs with prestored mode, parameters of stimulation and electrode contacts. On-line switching between outputs in the process of work. Connection of backup stimulator to electronic commutator.


Powerful but safe RF generator ELECTROPULSE RF-100TI controlled through integrated ELKART II system software allows control and display of all ablation parameters (power, temperature, impedance, time) on the system screen. Universal RF generator is compatible with most ablation catheters with thermistor and thermocouple by different manufactures. RF generator output - 100W.

ELCART Navigator is a new powerful tool, which give us new opportunities of diagnostics and mapping different genesis arrhythmia.

The main capabilities of Navigator visualization block:

  • Real-time electrophysiological study and RF ablation electrodes position location
  • Three-dimensional electroanatomical heart cavity displaying
  • Visualization spreading of auto wave process in myocardium
  • Reduction of X-ray stress
  • Usage of any electrodes


  • All system components are easily controlled by Windows XP based software. User-friendly graphical interface enables quick access to desired information and switch between display configurations while study is in progress
  • Flexible automatization of the study process and therapy: continuous record during the whole study with events marks (pacing, ablation, arrhythmia occurrence); user's marks creation; automatic updating of pacing parameters, emergency situation indication and automatic remedial measures
  • Two monitors allow analysis of ECG and intracardiac electrograms in real time simultaneously with new data displaying. When necessary - print out any study episode
  • The integrated database makes it easy to manage data of multiple patients' studies; has excellent capabilities for detailing patient information and delivering clinical and electrophysiological reports during and at the end of the study; allows archiving of electrophysiological data to CD, DVD or optical disks
  • The system can be connected to a hospital local network to provide remote access to the patients' database

ELECTROPULSE Medical Industries Ltd reserves the right to make changes in specifications and features shown herein, or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or obligation. Contact ELECTROPULSE Medical Industries Ltd for the most current information.

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