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Die Bonder EM-4075

The bonder is a desk-top version.

The minimal size of the dice being bonded is 0.4x0.4mm, maximal 20x20mm. The ratio between the sides of the bonded dice is 1:1 to 1:15.

The system has following features: a scrubbing die bond head with a tool heater, heated work stage, gas heater for soldering in a protective gas environment, an object stage for the dice in bulk, light indicator.

The pick up of the dice is carried out by vacuum from the object stage or from a multi-row cellular cassette. The cases or substrates are placed discretely into working area of the heated table.

The die soldering process is carried out by heating the devices to be bonded to the temperature of build-up a liquid phase of the materials being bonded (Silicon, Germanium, Gold, solder) with the following superposition of oscillations in the horizontal plane through a cam drive and creating pressure force for the elements being bonded. If the metal thickness on the mounting pad is insufficient to ensure a quality soldering then a spacer from the appropriate material is used which can be bonded to the bonding pad directly on the system (the spacer is placed in advance on the same object table, near the dice or on a separate object stage, and it is picked up by vacuum in the same way as the dice).If a hot protective gas is to be fed to soldering area a has heater. is used. The heater allows also to carry out a local soldering of separate dice.

The system contains:

  • die bonding head
  • heated stage for fastening the devices case object table with a mirror base on which the dice in bulk are placed
  • arrangement for heating with a hot gas jet
  • microscope
  • light viewfinder for alignment of a tool with a die
aximum chip size50x60 mm
Stage heating temperature50 to 450C 10C
Gas jet heating temperature50 to 450C 10C
Tool heating temperature50 to 250C 25C
Tool vibration amplitude0.1 to 0.25 mm
Tool vibration frequency2 to 10 Hz
Inert gas (N2, Ar)0.2 MPa
Vacuum25 to 30 KPa
Power requirements230 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 kW
Dimensions525x450x525 mm
Weight25 kg

Based on the EM-4075A tool the EM-4075K system was developed. It is intended for bonding semiconductor dice on glue.

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Made in Zelenograd

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