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Double Side Alignment and Exposure System of Alignment Marks EM-5086

The system is intended for alignment marks creation by projection method on the lower side of a substrate aligned with the alignment marks on the upper side of a substrate.

The application of this system allows use equipment for one-sided contact or projection photolithography instead of purchasing of expensive alignment a nd exposure systems for double side photolithography.

Brief Description

The system is of a desktop type with television microscope and PC. The operator performs loading and preliminary alignment of two marks of a substrate on its upper side with mark image on the lower side by precise manipulator. After automatic alignment of each mark on the upper side of a substrate with the mark on its lower side, in photoresist layer is created the mark aligned with the upper mark. The exposure is performed automatically with inspection of necessary energy dose. The operator performs unloading of a substrate.

Alignment accuracy on both sides of a plate0.3 m
Projection system resolution2.0 m
Working field size2.2x1.7 mm
Substrate size:
- minimum60
- maximum200 nm
Substrate thickness0.2-12 mm
The possibility to process a substrate of rectangular shape with max size200 mm
Dimensions1200 x 500 x 325 mm
Operating Conditions

The system is to be operated in a clean-room environment. Clean-room class at the working place should be 100-1000. Opto-mechanical unit - Class 100. Control system - Class 10 000.

Power supply of the aligner is provided from AC power line 220 V 10%, 50 Hz 2%; power consumption 0.3 kW; footprint 1 m2. Weight 500 kg.

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