FORSAZH-200 – is the smallest set in the lineup that is intended for manual arc welding with stick electrodes (MMA).

FORSAZH-200 is simple to operate and has wide functionality and is irreplaceable in the conditions where high mobility of welding eqipment is required.

Power source is single-phase network system with voltage 220V and frequency 50Hz.

Operation of the welder is provided by supply voltage reduction up to 140V.


FORSAZH-301 is intended for manual welding with stick electrodes (ĚĚŔ)

FORSAZH-302 is intended for semiautomatic welding (MIG/MAG) and manual welding with stick electrodes (MMA)


  • Automatic disconnection when change of supply voltage appears
  • Protection from overheating and overloading
  • Remote control of welding current
  • Possibility of power supply from autonomous mobile power stations
  • Welding current control range – 20-315 amp
  • Weight – 16 kg


FORSAZH-501 is intended for semiautomatic welding (MIG/MAG) and manual welding with stick electrodes (MMA)

Wide functional capabilities, secured long cycle of continuous running, heightened degree of safety of FORSAZH-501 allow to solve a problem of any complexity efficiently.


  • Memorization of 72 user programs
  • Improved welding quality in the pulse mode of difficult-to-weld metals
  • Electronic switching of output voltage polarity in MMA mode
  • Possibility of use in argon-arc welding mode
  • Ideally adapted for use with the automatic welders


FORSAZH-315PRO is intended for argon-arc welding with nonconsumable electrode (TIG) and manual welding with stick electrodes (MMA)

High performance is achieved because of welding parameter regulation for specific material or component with the memorization of the parameters.


  • Automatic switching between the welding modes TIG -MMA
  • Memorization of 60 user programs
  • High quality pulsed welding mode
  • Improved user’s control panel
  • Simple and easy-to-use user’s interface
  • Integrated protection from overloading and overvoltage

Welding current control range (TIG) – 10-315 amp

Weight – 16 kg

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Made in Zelenograd

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