GAMMA-100 - Multifunctional gas analyzer of multicomponent mixtures

The gas analyzer is designed for the continuous automatic measuring of one, two or three components in multi component gas mixtures , 2, S2, H2, N2, C4, NO, 2 at technological processes control.

The device fits easily into measurement strategy of any enterprise and allows replacing such gas analyzers as -5101, -1101, -14, -15 and their analogs.

-100 gas analyzers depending on the version include from one to three components and are used as part of automated technological processes management systems at ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, cement plants, glass industry, during brick production and potting, chemical and petrochemical industries, heat and power plants, boiler rooms etc.

Gas analyzer provides the following functions:

  • digital indication of measured component content on each measurement channel
  • output of the standard output current signal proportional to the measured component content
  • green light indication when plugged in
  • continuous red light indication and sound indication that is actuated when the measurement component content is higher or lower than the threshold values
  • commutation of the exterior circuits with two groups of relay contacts (Dry contact) for automatic switching on (off) of the executing devices when the alarm is actuated when the measured value reaches the set threshold values (high or low level of the measurement component content )

Digital information about the measured components concentration through RS 232 or RS 485. Besides the data reading through main channels gas analyzer can also control through RS 232 (RS 485) communications channel the following operations:

  • calibration of the scale commencement
  • calibration of the scale end
  • specifying thresholds
Operation conditions:
Ambient and analyzed temperature rangefrom 5 to 45 °C
Ambient temperature range when working at complementary blanket-40 to 45 °C
Ambient relative humidity at temperature 25 °up to 80 %
Pressure range of the analyzed gas environmentfrom 630 to 800 mm Hg
Flow rate of the analyzed gas environment(0,9 ± 0,1) l/min
Humidity of the analyzed gas environmentnot over 5 g/m3
Dust mass concentration in the analyzed environmentnot over 1 g/m3
Industrial vibration:
frequencynot over 25 Hz
amplitudenot over 0,1 mm
Advantages of GAMMA-100 gas analyzer
  • simultaneous measuring up to 3 components
  • maximum permissible moisture content and sample fow rate are the same for all gas analyzer ver-sions which renders easy the sample preparation system
  • temperature and humidity compensation which increases significantly the readings stability
  • increase in interval between verifications for thermoconductometric and infrared sensor till 30 days; for thermomagnetic sensor till 6 months (for number of scales)
  • record of mutual interference of measured components (for multichannel devices)
  • auxiliary enclosure with degree of protection I54 and heating
  • digital signal processing
  • convenient customized menu
  • self-diagnostic check with the display readings
  • two programmable thresholds (on high and on low)
  • powerful threshold relays 250 V, 2,5
  • audible alarm
  • digital outputs RS 232 and RS 485
Design features

Gas analyzer is a single-unit device with built-in measuring sensors. On the gas analyzer front panel there is: LCD for displaying information about the measured value, control keyboard, flow rate indi-cator. Gas analyzer is provided with RS 232 and RS 485 interfaces to transmit data to PC. The device has also standard current output (0 - 5 m or 4 - 20 m, can be switched) and relay contacts for switching of the external circuits. Gas analyzers power supply is from the alternating current with voltage 220 V.

Protection from access to dangerous parts, from solid objects and water ingress is IP20, if is necessary the mounting at open areas (-50 - +45) the device is supplied in a standard cabinet with the protection degree IP54. If customized the gas analyzer can be supplied in an explosion-proof cabinet.

Sampling aspirated (flow rate pump or excess pressure).

If the characteristics of the analyzed environment at the gas analyzer input do not meet the technical requirements, the necessary sample preparation system can be supplied for a separate order. This sys-tem can also contain refrigerator, flow rate pump, dessicator and other devices. The quantity (a need for the particular device) is coordinated with the Manufacturer.

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