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Dosimetric installation “Gamma-sensor”



  • detection and locating of radiation sources and radioactive pollutions
  • automatic database maintenance – records contain information on dose rate, spectral data, time of measurement, and geographical coordinates
  • alarm signals when one of the dose rate thresholds is exceeded
  • for powering “Gamma-sensor” installation an on-board power converter (220 V) should be used

Basic complete set:

  • detector unit BDEG-4 in casing
  • detector unit BDMG-200UD or BDBG-200UD in casing
  • universal GPS-receiver
  • attachment fittings for detector units
  • personal computer (Notebook with “Gamma-sensor” or industrial computer Advantech with “Gamma-sensor-01”)
  • cables, support, hold-down
  • check source
  • software “Sensor”
  • manual for operator of the MRL
  • passport, operation manual
  • electronics module (for “Gamma-sensor-01” modification)

Software “Sensor” (an example of “Gamma-sensor” installation that is used in the context of Automated System for Monitoring of Radiation Environment* as a monitoring station with real-time data transmission to the Central Station)

*Russian abbreviation for ASMRE – “ASKRO”

Technical characteristics
Detectorscintillation detector NaI(Tl), GM counters
Dose rate measurement range0.1 µSv/h ÷10 Sv/h
Energy range of gamma radiation0.05÷3 MeV
Data storagedose rate values
gamma spectra
dates and times of measurements
geographical coordinates of the measurement points
speed and direction
distances between measurement points
Automatic audio/visual alarm signalingaccording to preset thresholds
Additional capabilitymonitoring the count rate within preset regions of interest allowing to increase sensitivity for selected radionuclides
Power supply220(-15%, +10%) V, 50 Hz ±5% from MRL’s on-board autonomous power supply
Power consumptionnot more than 200 VA

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