Single-phase multifunctional meters GAMMA 1

Multi-tariff metering of active energy in single-phase twin-lead alternating current electrical network.

Single-phase multifunctional meters GAMMA 1

Can be installed independently or as a part of automated metering system of energy supply.

Field of application: Energy, industry, agricultural and housing and communal enterprises.

Functional capabilities:

  • 4 tariffs, 12 months
  • Forming of the power diagram
  • Network quality control
  • Event log
  • Digital interfaces: RS-485 and optical port
  • Measuring of frequency and power coefficient
  • Automated self-diagnostics
  • Indication modes switching using the light ray

Three-phase multifunctional GAMMA meters

Active and reactive energy meetering in two directions at the time differential rate in three-phase alternating-current electrical network

Multifunctional GAMMA meters are the quintessence of all latest achievements in the sphere of microprocessor technology.

The meter saves all the information about the measurements to its own nonvolatile memory with the ability of data transmission through wire and wireless communication channels.

Functional Capabilities:

  • Recording of the instantaneous values of three-phase electrical network parameters
  • Digital interfaces: RS485, RS232, GSM, optical port
  • Forming and storage of load profiles
  • Electrical network quality control
  • Advanced defence from unauthorized access and energy theft
  • Event log
  • Special LCD indicator with large set of display modes

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