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GEOS-1M Navigation GLONASS / GPS receiver

Navigation GLONASS / GPS OEM receiver GEOS-1M is designed and produced by Russian company Design Department GEOSTAR Navigation. Due to its ability to use signals from satellites of two navigation systems GEOS-1M instantly determine the exact location of the facility where it is impossible in the case of using only one system in isolation. GEOS-1M is able to obtain location data, using only the signals of GLONASS, or just GPS, as well as work in a combined constellation of GLONASS + GPS.

  • 24 channels
  • Fast time to capture the first coordinates
  • 36 seconds in cold start
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Errors not more than 4 meters
  • High sensitivity
  • Up to -180 dBW in tracking
  • Programmable data rate issue
  • Up to 5 times per second
  • Low power
  • 320 mW in active mode, 20 mW in the battery mode

The structure of hardware GEOS-1M is a special hardware accelerator (designed by MRI Progress on request Design Department GEOSTAR navigation) that achieve good performance for the first time to coordinates and high receiver sensitivity. Due to hardware implementation of search algorithms, GEOS-1M provides navigational data for 36 seconds in a cold start, and within 4 seconds in the hot start with an average power consumption of 320 mW in active mode and 20 mW when running on backup batteries .

GEOS-1M is a product of civil engineering. The high receiver sensitivity and speed of positioning, combined with small dimensions and low power consumption ensure the successful implementation of GEOS-1M in the onboard equipment of different telematic systems for road, rail and water transport, taking advantage of the GLONASS


  • The discovery minus 170 dBW
  • Tracking minus 180 dBW

Precision characteristics :

  • Location accuracy in offline mode, CRS, no more than:
  • Plane coordinates 4 m
  • Height 7 meters
  • The accuracy of determining the rate of off-line, the CRS, not more 0,05 m / s

Dynamic parameters:

  • Maximum speed 515 m / s
  • Maximum altitude 18000 m
  • Maximum acceleration g 4
  • The rate of change of acceleration 1 g / with

Time to first determine:

  • Cold start 36
  • Warm start 34
  • Hot start 4
  • Reacquisition 1 with
  • Seconds timestamp (1PPS)
  • Accuracy 50 ns
  • Duration 1 to 100 microseconds
  • Levels of LVTTL, polarity + /
  • Channel configuration
  • 24 channels, free tunable signal processing L1 GPS C / A and GLONASS Fri


  • Supply voltage 3,3 V 5%
  • Power 350/320 mW
  • Battery voltage from 2,0 to 3,6
  • Current consumption in battery mode 10 mA


  • Two port full-duplex RS232, LVTTL, from 4800 to 230400 bps
  • Construction characteristics
  • Dimensions 35.5mm 33.2mm 3.8mm
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to +85 C

Data Formats:

  • Own binary protocol
  • NMEA 0183 v3.01


  • OEM receiver GEOS-1M
  • Interface board (optional)
  • Demonstration program for the PC
  • Documentation


  • Exchange interface: 2 ports RS232
  • The rate of issuance of data: 1 Hz or 5 Hz
  • Backup battery: External

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