MVU TM Otjig - compact vacuum heat treatment machine.

Heat treatment and drying of materials, layers and structures.


  • sequential processing of substrates in one cycle:
    • 2 substrates of ø150mm
    • 4 substrates of ø76mm, ø100mm
    • 8 substrates of ø60mm, 60×48mm
  • substrate heating to 150-450°C
  • preparation of substrate surfaces - heat treatment and ion cleanse in RF discharge plasma
  • automated control from the PC
  • compact oil-free vacuum pumping system
  • autonomous water-cooling system
  • power consumption of less than 3 kW
  • space occupied by one unit is about 1,5m²

MVU TM Otjig reactor scheme

MVU TM Otjig vacuum heat treatment reactor scheme

  • vacuum chamber
  • planetary substrate holder with triple rotation system
  • cylindrical valve rotating screen
  • IR lamp heater
  • vacuum system based on turbo molecular and fore-vacuum pumps
  • gas system includes gas flow regulators RWG-10, manual stop valves, pressure regulators, pressure gauges, solenoid valves
  • water cooling system
  • microprocessor control system

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Made in Zelenograd

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