Industrial laser with fiber-optic beam delivery of HTF-50 series

Portable laser machine HTF-50 with an autonomous cooling system is equipped with a fiber-optic cable, by means of which manufacturing operations can be conducted in hard-to-reach places.

With the diameter of the optical waveguide of 600...800 mkm the laser power density near its output face is sufficient to melt a metal, and welding can be conducted manually using optical fiber like an electrode in electrical welding without an optical viewing system. Such a way of laser welding is used, for instance, in welding three dimensional hollow structures.

If high-precision focusing of radiation and visual control of the welding process are necessary, the controlling and focusing system can be connected to the output end of the optical cable. This optical system is delivered optionally. Such equipment affords the laser machine to be employed in cladding in the process of repairing and large-size moulds and stamps, and also affords to be incorporated into operating production lines when upgrading them.

Wide range of parameters varying and using pulses of specific shape provide the possibility of welding diverse materials using different types of melting. The thickness of welded materials varies from a few microns to several millimeters.

Laser typeYAG: Nd3+, pulsed, λ=1,06 µm
Max. pulse energy35 J
Pulse width (adjustable)0,1 Е 20 mc
Pulse repetition rate1 Е 20 Hz
Max. average power40 W
Optical fiber:
diametr600; 800 mcm
length15 cm
Cooling systemwater/ air
Power supply220 V, 50 Hz, 16 ј
Power consumption~2 kW
Dimensions500×450×850 mm
Weight40 kg

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Made in Zelenograd

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