Laser machines for mould repair of HTS-Mobile series

Laser machines of HTS-Mobile series are designed for repair of moulds and stamps by the process of pulsed laser cladding which employs filler wire. Owing to the possibility of three-axis movement of the laser head and a large radius of the operation space, in which the processed object is positioned and manufacturing process takes place, repair operations can be carried out on large-size objects weighing up to several tons.

Laser typeYAG: Nd3+, pulsed, λ=1,06 m
Max. pulse energy40 J60 J80 J
Pulse width (adjustable)0,2 20 mc
Max. peak pulse power4 kW6 kW8 kW
Pulse repetition rate0,5 20 Hz
Max. average power100 W150 W200 W
Focus diameter on workpiece (adjustable)0,3 2,0 mm
Movement range of the laser head along XxYxZ axis700×400×570 mm
Max. working rangeØ 1300 mm
Max. working height1700 mm
Viewing field10 mm
Cooling systemWater / air
Tap water consumption0,4 m3/h
Power supply380/220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption5 kW6 kW7.5 kW
Dimensions950×1250×1550 mm
Weight250 kg260 kg280 kg

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Made in Zelenograd

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