Application area

The RH dew point meter may be used in various industries, such as chemical, petrocemical, gas-processing, fuel-and-energy, metallurgical, as well as in medicine and scientific research.

Operating principle and design

  • The operating principle of IVG-1 (gas RH dew point meter) micro humidity meters is based on conversion of humidity sensor capacity and temperature sensor resistance into frequency, which is then processed by microcontrollers in the primary converter and the device itself.
  • A capacity type humidity sensor (sorption-capacity sensor) is used to measure dew point.
  • A platinum resistance thermometer is used for adjustment of dew point at different temperatures.
  • Hygrometer IVG-1-R-MK-4R-2A humidity meters consist of a measurement and display unit and remote converters connected to the unit by a cable with a terminal. The measurement and display unit is placed into a plastic or metal enclosure.
  • The device is equipped with remote converters of IPVT-08 (humidity and temperature measuring converter) and IPVT-09 series.
  • IPVT-08 converters are designed to work in nonaggressive gas environments.
  • IPVT-09 converters are designed for natural gas dehydrated by ethylene glycol. IPVT-09 converter offers thermal stabilization of the micro humidity sensor for removal by evaporation of tie H2O molecules subsiding on the sensor.
  • We also produce high pressure converters: IPVT-08-01- for pressures up to 160 atm and IPVT-08-02- for pressures up to 400 atm.

Enclosure types for IPVT-08/IPVT-09

  • IPVT-08-01/IPVT-08-01-/IPVT-09-01 models have a metal flow-through enclosure with M8x1 fittings;
  • IPVT-08-02/IPVT-08-02-/IPVT-09-02 models have a metal flow-through enclosure with M16x1.5 fittings;
  • IPVT-08-03/IPVT-09-03 models have a submersible enclosure with fittings for sealed connectors (sealed compartments).

Operating requirements

  • Content of mechanical and aggressive impurities (chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, and their compounds) in the ambient and controlled atmosphere must not exceed sanitary standards in accordance with GOST 12.100576 standard and the level of the maximum allowable concentration (for hydrogen sulfide 2S the maximum allowable concentration is 10 mg/m3).
  • The maximum allowable temperature of the converter enclosure and the connecting cable is +60C.


  • Plug&Play technology allowing to connect several primary converters of different design to one measurement unit without additional setup;
  • possibility to recalculate the measured micro humidity values into relative humidity, ppm, dew-point temperature in degrees Centigrade (Cdp), mg/m3;
  • adjustment of measured micro humidity taking into account temperature impact (temperature compensation);
  • possibility to recalculate micro humidity values depending on pressure of the analysed gas;
  • possibility to measure micro humidity of gases under pressure: up to 2.5*106 kgf/m2 (25 atm), up to 16*106 kgf/m2 (160 atm), and up to 40*106 kgf/m2 (400 atm);
  • possibility to set the measuring converter at a distance up to 1000 m from the measuring unit;
  • two analogue outputs 420 (05, 020) mA;
  • possibility to connect external actuators (dehydrators, humidifiers, etc.) using four built-in relay units;
  • possibility to set two thresholds for sound and light alarms for each measurement channel; crossing of the threshold sets off an indicating and a sound signal;
  • possibility to log measurement results -1humidity meters support periodic automated real-time recording of measured values into non-volatile memory (over 30,000 measurement points); special software for setup of recording and viewing and saving of data; software and related documentation are delivered on request;
  • IPD connection via RS-232, RS-485 and USB;
  • may be built as a dust-ignition-proof enclosure;
  • possibility to connect a pressure conversion sensor;
  • possibility to pool devices into a measurement network and view network parameters using a IPD (pressure converter); this option requires special software and certain auxiliary equipment;
  • possibility to equip the humidity meter with gas sample preparation systems of the SPG (gas sample preparation system) series.
Parameter, measurement unitValue
Dew point measurement range, C, including using gas sample preparation systems SPG-1...SPG -4from 80 to 0
Using gas sample preparation systems SPG-1... SPG-4from 40 to 0
Dew point measurement error, C±2.0
Reading increment, C0.1
Humidity display unitsDew point C, relative humidity,ppm, mg/m3
Analysed gas temperature, Cfrom 20 to +40
Max analysed gas pressure, atm25 (160*, 400*)
Recommended analysed gas consumption, l/hfrom 20 to 60
Power supply220±22 V, 50±1 Hz
Max power consumption, W15
Number of automatic statistics points30,000
Max cable length for connection of primary converter to the measurement unit, m1000
IPD interfaceRS-232, RS-485, USB
RS-232 max link distance, m15
RS-485 max link distance, m1000
USB max link distance, m3
Relay cyclic capacity7 A at 220 V 50 Hz
Current output:
Output current range, mA420; 05; 0..20
Output current increment, A19.5; 4.9; 19.5
Maximum load impedance, Ohm300; 1000; 300
Measurement unit max weight, kg1.0
Measurement unit max dimensions including attached terminals, mm178x180x75
Primary humidity converter max weight, kg0.4
Primary humidity converter dimensions, mm
IPVT-08-01200x80x30 (8x1)
IPVT-08-02200x80x30 (16x1.5)
IPVT-09-01200x80x30 (8x1)
IPVT-09-02200x80x30 (16x1.5)
IPVT-08-01-201x74x24 (8x1)
IPVT-08-02-201x74x24 (16x1.5)
** Excess pressure measurement range for IPD-01 converter, atm025
** IPD-01 converter accuracy rating0.5
Pressure converter max weight, kg0.4
Primary pressure converter dimensions, mm
IPD-01ø32x130 (20x1.5)
Max output gas pressure of the SPG gas sample preparation system, atm10
** SPG filtration accuracy, micron25
Gas sample preparation system dimensions, mm
SPG-1, SPG-1250x175x50
SPG-2, SPG-2250x175x50
SPG-3, SPG-3250x230x50
SPG-4, SPG-4250x230x50
Gas sample preparation system dimensions, mm
SPG-1, SPG-1
SPG-2, SPG-2
SPG-3, SPG-3
SPG-4, SPG-4Gas sample preparation system dimensions, mm
SPG-1, SPG-1250x175x50
SPG-2, SPG-2250x175x50
SPG-3, SPG-3250x230x50
SPG-4, SPG-4250x250x50
Max gas sample preparation system weight, kg
SPG-1, SPG-11
SPG-2, SPG-21
SPG-3, SPG-31.5
SPG-4, SPG-42
Min lifetime, years5

* under additional order. ** may be changed on request.

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