Following parameters:

  • instantaneous pressure value
  • average pressure value
  • maximum and minimum values under the variable pressure
  • indication of undulating pressure

Device features:

  • portability
  • high measurements precision
  • autonomous power supply
  • easy to use
  • universality (two measurement scales)
  • convenient digital display

Due to its portability and ease of use the device allows fast and accurate single pressure measurements or continuous monitoring to be performed at any time without undue prolongation of diagnostic or treatment procedures. The device can be used for the following measurements:

  • in reanimation (central venous pressure, pressure in the respiratory tract)
  • in neurosurgery, neuroreanimation, neurotraumatology and neurology (pressure of cerebro/spinal fluid);
  • in urology (pressure in renal pelvis, ureters and urinary bladder)
  • in gynecology (pressure in uterine cavity during hysterosalpingography)
  • in gastroenterology (pressure in esophagus, stomach, biliary tracts and pancreatic duct)
  • in orthopedics (pressure in joints cavities)
  • in ophthalmology (pressure in excretory ductules of lacrimal gland)

The measurement device allows seeing the instantaneous and average values of the measured pressure, indicates undulating pressure: maximum and minimum pressure levels

Device Technical Properties:

  • measurement range: 500 mmH2O or 75 mmHg
  • resolution: 1 mmH2O
  • power source: 220 22 V
  • alternating current: 50 0,5 Hz
  • internal battery: 8,4 V

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