The device ensures:

  • measurement of critical concentration (minimum) of oil-products content in the water thanks to us-age of high-sensitive pyroelectrical receiver
  • measurement of oil-products concentrations by factorization coefficient and standard solution ow-ing to the built-in microprocess system

The analyzer is made on the base of produced in lots device KFK-3.

Measurement is made by the standard method PNDF14.1:2.5-95.

The analyzer is certified, included in the state register 15561-96, the certificate 2245.

At the request of the Buyers the analyzer is stocked with an extractor with rotational speed of shaft 500-2500 revs/min; volume of agitating sample 0,5 and 0,25 l; maximum supply voltage of electric motor 12 V.

Srectral range, mkm2.0-3.5
Spectral range, isolated by the monochromator, mkm, max0.025
Determination range of oil-product concentration in the water, mg/l0.05-1000
Range of measurement of:
-transmission factor, %1-100
-optical density, B2-0
Volume of analyzing sample, l, max0.5
Sample preperation, min, max15
Time of a sample analysis after sample preperation, sec, max5
Voltage, V220
Dimensions, mm500×360×165
Weight, kg13

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Made in Zelenograd

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