Iridodiagnostics System "Iridospect"

Iridology is a preventive, diagnostic method that permits doctors to "read" every hidden disease in the eyes, long before the appearance of the symptoms. The eyes are not only the mirror of the soul, but also of the body. It is possible, with an analysis of the iris, to discover all the weak parts of the organism, the latent tendencies, his vitality, the condition of the organs and many others pathologies in progress.

This method allows us to define the degree of stress and it presents the advantage to show the condition of the organism's health, panoramically, only with a look. Consequently, Iridology is precious to the diagnosis. The smartest way to profit by is to follow this method for preventive reasons.

Our automatic iridodiagnostic complex "Iridospect" is intended for examining the state of the organism judging by the iris of the patient's eyes.

The system uses the "Irido-Spect" program wich was developed in participation of physicians. It gives the possibility of opting the irodological schemes belonging to 6 schools of different authors.


  • input and storage of the patient's information
  • receipt of images for both irises of the patient
  • choice of iridological scheme whose data bank is presented by 6 schools' authors
  • determination of topical belonging of the iris' pathological parts, a clearing up of the affection's degree of affected organs, the recommendations' issue
  • determination constitutional iridologic type of person, as well as patient's predisposition to different diseases
  • reveal organs and systems with pathological deviation from norm

The system is designed to operate in combination with IBM-compatible computer

The minimum system requirements:

  • Operational system - Windows 2000 SP4/XP SP2
  • CPU - Pentium IV not less than 1,8 GHz
  • RAM - 256 MB
  • Video card SVGA Hi-color 1024x768 8 MB or more
  • Free space on hard disk - at least 1 GB
  • Two free USB ports
  • CD-ROM
  • UPS

Resolution, Megapixels6
Focused diatance, mm120-150
Illumination, mCandel, up to10
Power supply voltage, V220/9
Supply current, A0,2
Weight, kg5

Complete Set of Delivery:

Program "Irido-Spect" v.2.0., Digital camera Olympus SP-500UZ, the portable table with the face stop, special illumination device for the camera, connecting cables, Dongle Hasp HL, manual.

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Made in Zelenograd

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