Technical data:

  • Horizontal single reactor electric oven with resistance heating
  • Quartz reactor with sealable work zone
  • Three-section spiral heater with platinum thermocouple in each section
  • Five-channel gas system with electronic flow control gas valves, pressure control valves and fine filters
  • Control system of reactors sealing
  • High process repeatability
  • Reactor temperature control by voltage regulation, working gases supplying and by other means
  • Gas leak detectors for phosphine (PH3) and monosilane (SiH4)
  • Microprocessor-based process control system
  • Clean-room compatibility
  • Number of simultaneously processed plates - up to 25
  • Operating temperature range 300…900 °
  • Operating pressure 26.6…133 Pa

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Made in Zelenograd

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