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Functional features:

  • For high pressure sodium lamps, metal halogen lamps and fluorescent mercury lamps
  • Power of connecting lamp 1000 W
  • Low profile 40 mm design
  • Input voltage range of 100264 VAC; 176264 VAC; 80140 VAC,
  • ~ 3 x (304456) VAC
  • Power factor corrector (for single phase input voltage)
  • Conformity to electromagnetic compatibility standard (EMC)
  • EN55022, class A
  • Standard efficiency 90%
  • Overall dimension 243x150x40 mm

Juletta electronic ballasts JT1000 provides required voltage for guaranteed ignition of high pressure sodium vapor lamps of power 1000 W and then generate stabilized voltage to sustain combustion. As compared to electromagnetic ballasts, JT1000 electronic ballasts have better weight and dimension indices, significantly reduce the consumption of reactive power and implement adequate algorithm of lamp ignition.

JT1000 electronic ballasts are intended for joint usage with high pressure sodium lamp of power 1000 W, for example, of types DNaT1000, NAV-E 1000 or other similar ones and also can be adapted for metal halogen lamps, for example, DRI1000 type or for fluorescent mercury lamps of type DRL1000.

Compact aluminium casing protects the electronic ballast element against damages during mounting and operation and improves its electromagnetic compatibility with surrounding equipments. It presents great heat transfer quality. In order to ensure resistance to external influencing factors the EPRA elements are protected by polymer potting. Different temperature modifications allow to use these electronic ballasts in lighting facilities of diverse climatic application and also optimize their cost.

Connection of electronic ballast to the equipment occurs using a screw terminal block, also modification with soldering pin leads, plug connectors or flexible mounting leads are available.

High reliability is guaranteed by using latest component base.

Due to its wide range of input voltage of 100264 V, the electronic ballasts may be used to supply mains with significant voltage deviation and also in mains with different nominal voltages.

JT1000 electronic ballasts is also able to operate from DC input voltage with ranges =112196 VAC, =246370 VAC and =140370 VAC.

Built-in power factor corrector in modules with single phase input voltage reduces the reactive power consumption.

The possibility of operation of converters from three phase input voltage optimizes their application during availability of industrial or special three phase AC mains. The power supplies retain its serviceability during voltage loss or drop of one of the phase of input mains which increases the equipment functioning reliability.

Modification of power supplies is available on request for the following cases: change in casing design, input and output contacts and so on.

Application area:

  • Street lighting
  • Greenhouse lighting
  • Railway lighting
  • Lighting in industrial shop floors
  • Lighting of exhibition stalls and exhibiting show cases


  • Operating temperature range of -40+85 and -50+85 provides operational capability of electronic ballasts in the most rigid climatic conditions
  • Wide range of input voltage of 100264 VAC significantly increases the reliability of lighting system in emergency modes of primary power supply
  • Configuration as per clients requirement
Composition of series
Power of switch on lamp1000 W
Input voltage
~ 230 VAC; ~ 115 VAC+
~ 230W VAC (wide voltage rang )+
Index of case option
Operating temperature range
N (-40+85)+
P (-50+85)+
Service functions, additional possibilities
Power factor corrected+
Remote On/Off+
Protecting from a short circuit in a lamp+
Protecting from the incorrect connecting of lamp+
Thermal defence+

* The datasheets describe the most universal products with maximum configuration and best performance for this type of module. The purchasing of products with simplified configurations (not less than a minimal quantity) is also available; such as: smaller input voltage range, the minimum possible for this case size out power, no potting protection, etc. Depending on the modification the price of a product may be lower or higher varying up to 30% in comparison with the standard model. Manufactures of customized products (not less than a minimum quantity) according to the customers specifications is available, the price for such kind of products may increase.

Advertising label can be placed on the top surface of the module and must be removed before installation. Technical parameters contained on this label are the maximal allowable, on condition of agreement with manufacturer.

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