KARDiVAR system provides the non-invasive screening of HRV, IRSA and stress level using only 6 standard ECG leads, i.e. 4 wires only from the patient's wrists and ankles in sitting position, also the patient can be fully clothed.

KARDiVAR system provides the analyzing and creating of stress level evaluation by analysis of heart rate variability and display it in the form of the scale "Traffic light", where the stress level zones is displayed by colors, which are simple for interpretations. The system provides the analyzing and showing basic parameters of heart rate variability analysis and creating the conclusion and comments, which requires much less professional skills and training for better and faster interpretation.

The KardiVAR system determines functional state of patient with resting ECG acquisition during 5 minutes.

The results of measurement based on analysis of heart rate variability.

The complete system includes:

  • PC-ECG module KARDi2/4 with fixed USB cable
  • Clamp ECG electrodes
  • The CD disk with driver and VARICARD-KARDi software
  • Special fastener for the system fixation
  • Optional PC and/or printer

Hardware requirements:

  • Windows PC
  • 2 free USB ports

KardiVAR can install on the Windows PC with 2 free USB ports. Warranty is 2 years.

KARDi2/4 PC-ECG module
Number of channelsThe KARDiVAR system has 3 monopolar channels. The ECG leads are calculated on the PC by CardioDM-06 software
Analog front endDC amplifiers
Input range (effective resolution for 500Hz output data rate)410 mV (2 uV)
Defibrillator protectionon base semi-conductors elements
Input DC impedancegreater 70 MOhm according to N electrode
Check electrode connectionChecking connection during registration by measure of DC offset
Analog-to-digital conversionSigma-delta modulation with frequency 2048kHz simultaneously on all channels, a digital filtration and decimation up to frequency 16kHz
Digital signal processingFiltration and decimation up to 500 Hz output data rate (20-bit resolution). Internal low pass filters has the -3 dB level on 150 Hz and 5% level on 100 Hz accordingly
Connectors type for electrode4 mm banana jacks
Galvanic isolationReinforced according to IEC60601-1 from PC side
Power lineUSB
Voltage+5 V 10%
Maximal current in active modeless 280 mA
Computer InterfaceUSB1.1, full speed mode, plug-and-play support
Status indicators and modesBi-color LEDs indication: green-no error, active mode. The indicator is burning green during the new examinations making red-error occurred
USB cableMin length 3 m, fixed to module
Electrode cables lengthnot less than 140 cm
Dimensions of enclosure100x65x28 mm
Weight with cablesless 350 gram
Working temperature+10°C+35°C
Storage temperature+5°C...+40°C
Transportation temperature-30°C...+50°C
Humidityup to 97% without condensation
Mechanical resistanceAccording to IEC 60601-1

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