Technical specification of KPG-1A
max working pressure, MPa (kgf/sm2)24.5 (250)
Inlet overpressure, Mpa (kgf/sm2)17,6-24,5(180-250)
Error limit when registering gas volume, %±1
Power voltage, V182 to 242
Power consumed, Wtno more than 60
Means of registering the fueled gasvolume
Time of refueling 55 3 into the vehicle vessel at the outlet pressure 20,1 Pa, minno more than 5
Range of working temperatures, °-30... +50
Weight of the dispenser, kgno more than 195

Dispenser control system from the personal computer (S PG) allows to:

  • Manage a group of 1 to 8 dispensers
  • Do refuels in the following regimes: refuel of a certain ordered amount; refuel for a certain sum of money; full refuel of the pressure vessels
  • Put into the data base: Company name; Vehicle number; Date of vehicle vessel test
  • Control the date of vehicle vessel test and issues a validity report
  • Review and print such reports as: Current report; Shift report; General report for a certain period, enterprise, vehicle number, operator, dispenser number, payment means (cash, cashless settlement) etc; Report about user's interferences; Report of supernumerary cases
  • Cash register connection port

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