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  • Video watching and adjustments changing practically via any connection chanal: Lan, Wi-Fi, Internet, GSM, GPRS, telephone line.
  • Back-up power supply unit: the accumulator battery for 7 A per hour.
  • Video cameras power supply (12 V) via the product directly
  • 6 normally closed alarm inputs.
  • Metal housing complies with all the requirements to the security alarm products, tamper output.
  • Free of charge software.
  • Integration in to already existing security alarm system, including to the existing WKS basing on the open classes' library.
  • Operation together with the Control Panel "Ladoga-A" via the interface RS-485 without additional connecting devices (for Ladoga V6-01)
IP surveillance features

"Ladoga V6" can operate in two modes as a client and as a server via any of the acceptable connection channels: Lan,Wi-Fi, ADSL, GSM, GPRS, PSTN. Some of the connection channels can be used parallel via different interfaces (RS-232 and RJ-45).

When operating as the video registrator "Ladoga V6" needs fixed IP- address.

At this the following is possible: video watching in on-line mode (speed 25 frames per second is possible while operating in local network), video archives watching, operation with the PTZ cameras, adjustment changing.

When Ladoga V6 is operating as a client, it sends image to FTP server or to e-mail (SMS notification is possible) when the indicated event happens, no fixed IP address is needed.

Access to the video registrator is possible not only with the help of the control panel Ladoga Video but also via any FTP browser.

The product can be used for organizing the remote video surveillance with the possibility of sending images via the wired and wireless connection channel.

Video6 inputs PAL/NTSC
Speedup to 25 frames/sec per system
Frame size768288 (with scaling up to 768×576), 384×288, 192×144
Motion detectorsimple at the 6th channel
Inputs6 normally closed
Outputs2 outputs (open collector 100 mA and relay +12 V up to 500 mA)
InterfacesEthernet, 2 RS-232, ISDN
Security3 levels of access
Frames bufferTo each channel. The number of frames and interval betweet them is programmed
HDD30 Gb
Recording to HDDConstant, at event (the event can be chosen)
ModemsDial in/out GSM/GPRS, PSTN
ProtocolsHTTP, TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP Client
Software"Ladoga Video"- free of charge!
Power supply220 V
Operating temperaturefrom +5° to +50°

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