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Testing system LIUM

Possibility of flexible work programming and advanced communication facilities with the controlling installations easily allows to adapt module LIUM-TL to any type of testing machines and other technological machines as a controlling system in various industries: aerospace, power-plant engineering, metallurgic and others. Module implements the following duties:

  • Automatic heating and upkeeping of temperature conditions
  • Control of imposition process of initial and basic load on test specimen with presentation of current state of loading
  • Measuring and presentation of current sample elongation in mcm
  • Timers auto-start after basic load and image display of current duration of tests
  • Display on LCD an image of test temperature in Co, temperature of upper and lower zones of test specimen
  • Automatic release of ovens calefactors in case of specimen break or temperature deviation from defined temperature
  • Repetitive registration in nonvolatile memory of current test parameters (temperatures of upper and lower specimen zones, size of specimen elongation)
  • Possibility of remote-acting information interchange using interface RS-485 and possibility of building an automatically controlled testing system on basis of a central computer

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