LLL imaging devices

LLL device modules with increased effective area includes 1st and 2nd generation image intensifier tubes and CCD array which are coupled by FOPs through straight optical contacts. Constructively completed device is a single sealed block imbedded into a metallic case. It employs special frame transfer CCD array (768 x 580) and operates in a standard scanning mode

Input image size, mm15,7×2124×32
Spectral response range, nm350÷850350÷850
Operating illumination, lx5•1055•105
Output voltage, mV≥250≥250
Resolution at operating illumination, TVLat center375450
at corners350400
S/N ratio at operating illumination, dB7.010.0
Signal non-uniformity, %≤40≤40
Illumination range, lx5•10-7÷10-35•10-7÷10-3
Geometric distortion, %33
Mass, g≤2800≤220
Dimensions, mmDiameter12489
Operating temperature, oC-40÷+40-40÷+40
Stability to exposure factorsresistance to vibrationbandwidth, Hz10÷8010÷80
acceleration amplitude, g55


The devices are intended for detection and registration of ultralow radiation in visible range (400÷800 nm) and used for:

  • Astronomical observations; registration of stars, satellites, and other space objects
  • Biomedical systems for single photon detection
  • Object detection at low light level conditions from twilight to night

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