Lornet-0836 is an indispensable tool for quick and reliable detection of devices containing semiconductor components. It can be used for counter-surveillance search works in premises (covert transmitters identification), as well as for location of explosive devices outdoor. The DPF (double probing frequency) technology with a patent pending antenna system places it beyond comparison.

Lornet-0836 main compatitive advantages

  • The first nonlinear detector which combines the advantages of a microwave detector and the detector of traditional range with the weight less than 1 kg and possibility to indicate the results in both ranges simultaneously
  • Unique opportunity to detect semiconductor elements hidden by different materials (detection through cracks, unearthed screens, reflections from smooth surfaces, SIM card is detected at the distance of 80 cm, etc.)
  • An embedded parabolic antenna with high gain (20dB at 3600MHz) enables highly precise detection of semiconductor components from a long distance (up to 10m)
  • Laser pinpointing for a space selective object localization
  • Significantly reduced electromagnetic impact on the operator because of high duty ratio of the probing impulses and significant reduction of undesirable radiation towards the operator
  • Convenient display and control elements, easy to operate, light weight

Probing signal frequency789.5-791.5 MHz; 3581.5-3607.5 MHz
Probing signal typepulse
Duty cycle0,3% and 5%
Transmitters peak power in each frequency range40W/20W
Receivers sensitivity<-110 dBm
Operation time with changeable battery (duty cycle 0,3% and 5%)>3.0/1.5h
Height305 mm
Width305 mm
Thickness280 mm
Weightless than 1 kg
Power supplyRechargeable battery
Frequency band789.5-791.5 MHz; 3581.5-3607.5 MHz
Dynamic rangemore than 30 dB

Delivery set:

  • Lornet-0836
  • Additional changeable Li-Ion battery
  • Wireless accessories (a receiver and head phones)
  • Power adapter (220V)
  • Bag to keep and transport the device

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Made in Zelenograd

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