Lornet-36 is very effective when it comes to identify miniaturized electronic devices (10x20mm) at a considerable distance, which is sometimes crucial when a suspicious object is to be analyzed from a safety range.

Building on a very high probing signal frequency and a very narrow antenna directional pattern the NL JD Lornet-36 is dramatically superior to any competitive instrument in the industry in terms of detection range, selectivity and positioning accuracy.

The use of superhigh frequency range gives Lornet-36 some unique capabilities of detecting semiconductors hidden by different materials. It can detect semiconductors through slits and holes, ungrounded shielding, by means of reflection from a smooth surface etc.

Lornet-36 main compatitve advantages

  • Lornet-36 able to define location of the SIM card of the cell phone at distance 1 meter!
  • Lornet-36 has three times wider detection range compared to competitors (for example, NGO ORION).
  • Lornet-36 has no analogues in selective checkout of a suspicious object from the distance 5-10 meters.
  • A very narrow directional pattern of the antenna and a built-in pinpointing laser provide space selective detection of various semiconductor elements with high precision, which is very convenient.
  • With an interval less than 30 cm between mark points analogous competitive devices cannot locate a 3 harmonics simulator because of the masking interference of a 2 harmonics simulator, whereas Lornet-36 can locate and select both mark points at the distance of over 1 meter.
  • The device uses the innovative technology and materials and has a very ergonomic design. It is compact, lightweight and is very easy to use.
  • The electromagnetic influence upon the operator is kept to the minimum level due to a very low duty cycle of probing pulses and decreased radiation to the operator side.
  • The device uses wireless headphones, which provides the operator with free hand.

Probing signal modePulse
Probing signal frequency range3580-3620 MHz
Pulse signal ratio160 pulses per second
2d harmonic receiver frequency range(7160-7240) MHz
3d harmonic receiver frequency range(10740-10860) MHz
Antenna gain at fundamental frequency20 dB
Antenna gain at 2d harmonic24 dB
Antenna gain at 3d harmonic27 dB
Pulse power and duty cycle20 W (0,6%)
EIRP (equivalent isotropic radiated power = radiated power plus antenna gain)2000 W
2d and 3d harmonics sensitivity (antenna gain not considered)-110 dBm
Dynamic range> 40 dB
Antenna directional pattern width (at 1st/ 2d/ 3d harmonic)16/ 8/ 4 degrees
Time of continuous operation at the maximum probing power3,0 hours
Dimensions in shipping condition303×303× 230 mm
Fully equipped weight1,4 kg
Height477 mm
Width303 mm
Thickness227 mm
Weight1,2 kg
Power supplyRechargeable battery
Frequency band3580-3620 MHz; 7160-7240 MHz; 10740-10860 MHz
Dynamic range40 dB
Operation timeup to 3 h

Delivery set:

  • Lornet-36 with a built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Universal 110V-240V charger
  • Receiver with wireless headphones
  • Charger for the receiver
  • Storage / shipping case

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Made in Zelenograd

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