Automated laser machines of LRS-A series

LRS-A series laser machines represent a further development in laser machines of LRS series.

They are equipped with automated two-axis tables with a control system and are designed for carrying out various tasks in the sphere of laser welding, cladding, contour cutting and marking.

In the regime of contour cutting and marking the control systems of the machines enable the operator to define with high precision complex trajectories of the beam by means of image files of DXF format. To conduct welding operations in the automated mode the control system pre-sets the trajectory by reference points.

The shaped trajectories can be stored, edited and processed with defined modes of laser operations. The forming of work orders, choice of modes and operational parameters of the machine are carried out employing specially designed software and a tactile screen.

The vertical shift of the laser is provided in the machines of LRS-A series.

In combination with a periscope adapter turning the laser beam, this makes possible the treatment of flat vertical and slant surfaces, as well as cylindrical one.

Complex operations of high precision are performed manually using a binocular microscope combined with a focusing optical system. The microscope is equipped with eye protection means. The image of the laser processing zone is displayed on a TV screen, which enables the operator to control the process of work while conducting technological operations without a microscope.

The multifunctional character of the machine increases the efficiency of exploitation of the equipment because a single machine of LRS-A series can replace several special-purpose machines. Easy and fast equipping of these machines with additional items and devices (periscope adapter, rotary actuator, accessories for cutting, fiber-optic system of beam delivery for work with large objects, etc.) considerably widen their application scope.

Technological capabilities (in the case of steel): melting depth at welding up to 3 mm; speed of seam welding with 50% overlapping up to 0.4 m/min; layer thickness of one-pass cladding up to 0.5 mm; speed of cutting 3 mm thick sheets up to 0.6 m/min.

Laser typeYAG: Nd3+, pulsed, lambda;=1,06 m
Max. Pulse energy60 J60 J
Pulse width (adjustable)0,2 20ms
Max. peak pulse power6 kW
Pulse repetition rate0,5 100 Hz
Max. average power150 W200 W
Focus diameter on workpiece (adjustable)0,3 2,0 mm
Viewing field10 mm
Laser radiation rejection in visual channelMore than 107
X x Y x Z max. working area550×250×300 mm
Movement range of the laser head along Z axis200 mm
Movement range of the focusing objective along Z axis±10 mm
Max. speed of positioning stage movement2,4 m/min.
Positioning stage accuracy±20 mcm
Max. load capacity25 kg
Power supply380/220V, 50 Hz
Power consumption6 kW7 kW
Tap water consumption0,4 m3/h
Dimensions450×850×1100 mm
Weight160 kg

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Made in Zelenograd

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