LTA4 laser welders are intended for production and workshop welding of electronic equipment, precision instruments, jewelries and medical devices.


  • Advanced energy characteristics and extensive control over laser pulse energy, repetition rate, duration and shape
  • Higher reliability new generation components
  • Flexible module connection and open architecture solution allow to better meet ergonomic requirements
  • Options and modernized modules offer more operation functions
  • Standard package includes a variety of drives and tools (removable operators desk equipped with a height-adjustable workpiece stage with Z-axis precision motion mechanism, control, pedal, optical system with camera monitoring, workpiece positioning drives)


Package includes

  • Laser emitter
  • Optical system
  • Positioning system
  • Power supply unit
  • Cooling system
  • Control units
  • Pneumatic system
  • Operators work place
  • Function modules
  • Spare parts, tools and accessories
  • Technical documentation
Module arrangement

The machine comprises two modules operators work place and a rack for power supply unit and cooling system. The modules are connected by flexible hoses and tubes at least 2 meters long

Modules design advantages:

  • Laser emitter with a dust-proof cover. Laser head with divided metal-ceramic reflectors, which allow to avoid resonator adjustment after lamp replacement
  • Optical system. Includes a telescope with adjustable magnification and changeable objective lenses and camera pointing and monitoring system. Allows double-channel laser spot sizing, adjustment of visual channel acutance and sizing of the laser spot by deepening the focus without changing the acutance of the visual channel
  • Positioning system includes the precision Z-stage with a hand drive for workpiece vertical travel, automatic ? rotary drive for workpiece rotation and a drive for workpiece linear travel, which allow automatic round and linear seam welding
  • Power supply unit for lamp powering. Allows laser pulse shape and duration adjustment
  • Cooling system. Double-circuit thermostable cooling system with liquid floorage control.
  • Pneumatic system. Includes a set of gas nozzles, gas connectors and hoses, filter-regulator, electro-driven valves and rotameter
  • Functional modules include T-slot workpiece stage for workpiece fixing, manual XY-stage, lighting system
  • Operators work place. Compliance with ergonomic requirements. Equipped with height-adjustable workpiece stage and optical system. Includes a visual system monitor, pedal, control unit of laser parameters, optical system and positioning system drives, check indicators of laser output parameters and operation modes
  • Spare parts tools and accessories include consumables (protective class, lamps) for 1 year of operation
  • Technical documentation (technical certificate, specifications and operation manual) contains a detailed machine description and operating instructions accompanied by schemes and drawings


Optical system parameters
Lens focal length100 mm
Operating range of lens wavelength1.064 micrometers
Size of the laser beam spot in the weld area0.2-2 mm
Laser parameters
Radiation wavelength1.064 micrometers
Pulse repetition rate1 150 Hz
Pulse duration adjustability range2 20 milliseconds
High average radiation power:-
-LTA4-1Up to 150 W
-LTA4-2Up to250 -300 W
Pulse energy:-
-LTA4-1Up to 30 Joules
-LTA4-2Up to 50 (100) Joules
Durability standards:-
Permitted continuous operation time16 hours minimum
Average service life5000 hours minimum

Consumables service life. The machine main consumable is a pump lamp. Pump lamp service life - 300-600 hours (depending on the operational mode)

Dimensions and overall machine weight (when assembled)
WeightDimensions (length, width, height)
Not exceeding 250 kg950×800×1200 mm
Power supply and energy consumption
Mains supply- Four-wire (3P+N), three-phase network, 380 V, 50 Hz
Machine input powerNot exceeding 6 KW
Facility requirements-
Service water supply (water mains, re-circulated water and etc.):-
- consumption, not exceeding10 liters per minute
- pressure, not below2 atmospheres
- compressed gas (argon, nitrogen), pressure not below3 atmospheres

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