Spatial stabilization system (Autotracking) automatic guidance of one transmit-receive module to the other during the wireless laser link communication channel tuning and operation. Maximum exact guidance (with 0,1 mrad precision) is ensured irrespective of the mobility of the base to which FSO-equipment is fixed. Such solution considerably increases laser link ethernet budget, which is particularly important for the range of more than 500 m, and enhances wireless channel reliability as well as simultaneously bates demands to mounting support stability and product maintenance.

Sunlight brightening protection - noneffect of sunlight on FSO system Artolink because of powerful optical selection in receiving channel, as well as small angular vision field of the optical receiver (2 mrad). Automatic transmitter power control provides increase MTBF of FSO system - up to 100 000 hrs. At a range of up to 1 km it contributes to reliability growth and wireless optical communication channel security. Aerodynamic protective cover with a system of screens - protects optical head from overheat (in summer, which is especially vital for hot regions) prevents receiving and transmitting lens from being clogged with snow (in winter). Common use of FSO systems Artolink in actual operation conditions revealed an added advantage of this solution an effective barrier to lens contamination with smog or dust.

Base modelDistance, mSpeed of information transmission, MbpsFeatures
M1 FE-2A300-300010/100Full Duplex, autotracking, double channel technology, integrated service channel, SNMP-traps, ALLF, IP-monitoring, cables of 50 m.
ParameterM1 FE-2A
Channel capacity, Mbit/s125 Full Duplex
Delay time, ms<0,5
Wavelength, nm785
Divergence of transmitter beam (on 0,5 level ) mrad0,7
Number of transmitters, pcs3
Average power of a transmitter, dBm13
Automatic power control amount, dB10
Number of receiving apertures, pcs2
Receiver total square area, cm?72,5
Receiver angular field of view, mrad2
Sensitivity for BER = 109(including optical loss), dBm-30
Receiver saturation level, dBm+7
Fade margin at a distance of 1 km, dB30
Wavelength of the service channel, nm785
Deviation sensor angular field of view (capture angle), mrad4
Dynamic range of angle deviation processing (position keeping angle), mrad50
Accuracy of communication direction keeping, mrad0.1
Speed of autotracking adjusting, mrad/s50
Power consumption, W20
Overall dimensions: Transmit-receive module, mm555 x 475 x 225
Optical head weight, kg13
Interconnection cable length, m<100

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