ME FE-R FSO laser link uses technology of "double channel" which employs a specially calibrated radio channel is used in the equipment. This approach provides hybrid channel quality at operator availability level while preserving channel carrying capacity of FSO combination.

"Double channel' technology is realized on the basis of special interface module. It controls traffic switching between optical and radio channels. Flexible software configuration provides for different variants of laser link network usage.

Radio-channel is built on the basis of preWi-Max equipment, operating in 5,8 GHz frequency band. Its distinctive feature is radiosilence mode implementation and minimizing the time of communication establishment.

The unique feature of hybrid radio-optical solution, implemented only in Artolink system:

  • loss minimization in the moment of the channels switching,
  • absence of RF radiation during optical channel operation.
Base modelDistance, mSpeed of information transmission, MbpsFeatures
M1 FE-R1500-700010/100Full Duplex, autotracking, calibrated backup channel (5,2-5,8 GHz), adapted transmit-receive path, integrated service channel, SNMP-traps, ALLF, IP-monitoring, cables of 50 m.
ParameterM1 FE-R
Channel capacity, Mbit/s125 Full Duplex
Delay time, ms<0,5
Wavelength, nm785
Divergence of transmitter beam (on 0,5 level ) mrad0,55
Number of transmitters, pcs3
Average power of a transmitter, dBm13
Automatic power control amount, dB10
Number of receiving apertures, pcs2
Receiver total square area, cm?72,5
Receiver angular field of view, mrad2
Sensitivity for BER = 109(including optical loss), dBm-30
Receiver saturation level, dBm+7
Fade margin at a distance of 1 km, dB32
Wavelength of the service channel, nm785
Deviation sensor angular field of view (capture angle), mrad4
Dynamic range of angle deviation processing (position keeping angle), mrad50
Accuracy of communication direction keeping, mrad0.1
Speed of autotracking adjusting, mrad/s50
Power consumption, W20
Overall dimensions: Transmit-receive module, mm555 x 475 x 225
Optical head weight, kg13
Interconnection cable length, m<100

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