Optimum radiation divergence angular dimensions of transmitter beam and receiver field of view are optimized in full possession of the device high budget to provide operability free from autotracking system.

Service channel between two transmit-receive modules ensures the control of the received signal level on both terminals from each side, which significantly simplifies line adjustment.

Original support rotary mechanism provides rough (via optic sight) and precise (via signal strength indicator on the monitor panel) adjusting of transmit-receive modules (TRM) in the course of tuning. TRM position is fixed by tightening of one screw!

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology - for transmit-receive module connection it is sufficient to use a standard outdoor cable cat. 5 with a standard RJ-45 connector.

Integrated system of aiming and adjusting FSO Artolink tuning and the following operation doesnt require purchasing or renting additional equipment.

Remote monitoring wireless optical communication channel status estimation from any point of Internet network. Remote monitoring of laser communication link condition and its main parameters (pointing accuracy, signal availability at all ports, FSO channel budget, core module temperature, etc.).

Compactness - small weight and size dimensions ensure convenience in installation and operation.

Base modelsDistance, mSpeed of information transmission, MbpsFeatures
M1 FE-S50-40010/100Full Duplex, SNMP-traps, IP-monitoring, integrated service channel, PoE
M1 GE-S50-4001000Full Duplex, SNMP-traps, IP-monitoring, integrated service channel, PoE
ParameterM1 FE-SM1 GE-S
Channel capacity, Mbit/s125 Full Duplex1250 Full Duplex
Delay time, ms<0,5<0,5
Wavelength, nm785785
Divergence of transmitter beam (on 0,5 level ) mrad53,5
Number of transmitters, pcs11
Average power of a transmitter, dBm11,57
Automatic power control amount, dBNonNon
Number of receiving apertures, pcs11
Receiver total square area, cm?7575
Receiver angular field of view, mrad8,56
Sensitivity for BER = 109(including optical loss), dBm-30-27
Receiver saturation level, dBm+10+4
Fade margin at a distance of 1 km, dB7,37,3
Wavelength of the service channel, nm785785
Accuracy of communication direction keeping, mradDetermined by supporting surface stabilityDetermined by supporting surface stability
Power consumption, W713
Overall dimensions:Transmit-receive module, mm200 x 350 x 235200 x 350 x 235
Optical head weight, kg44
Interconnection cable length, m<100<100

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