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Multichannel, multifunctional the laser device MACDEL-00.00.05

Application - medicine of accidents, surgery, reflex-therapy, pulmanology, arthrology, gynecology, proctology, urology, gastroenterology, stomatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, therapy, pediatrics, meonatology.

  • a increase of transport function of blood, transcutannay hemomodification on inflammation and hypoxia condition
  • syndrome long-duration pressure; preventive maintenance stress of condition; radiation sickness
  • burns, gunshot wounds, neuro trauma, contusion, preventive maintenance purulent postoperative of complication and anesthetize postoperative a period; removal edema conclusion from comatose of a condition; inflammation infiltrate, phlegmons, abscess, furuncles and lymphadenitics, trophic ulcer on a background decubitus, vascular of diseases, diabetes mellitus; treatment hemorrhoids, anal fissure, paraproctitis, coccygeal fistula
  • treatment hypertensive disease, ischemic heart disease, stenocardia, preinfarction of condition
  • treatment gastritis, ulcero of illness stomach and duodenum through abdominoanterior a wall prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis, enuresis, pyelonephritis; inflammation of disease uterus and her appendages, non constant menstrual of a cycle, mastitis
  • treatment herpetic of diseases eye, keratitis, erosion of cornea, ulcer blepharitis, dysfunction of tear glands
  • treatment and preventive maintenance pulpitis, periodontitis, alveolitis, paradontitis
  • treatment acute and chronic pneumonia, chronic and croupous bronchitis
  • treatment osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthrosis different genesis, calcaneal spur, tendovagnitis and myositis inflammation and traumatic genesis
  • treatment chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis, mechanical jaundice
  • treatment inflammation average ear, maxillary sinusitis and pharyngitis, hypoacusis, chronic rhinitis, eustachitis, chronic tonsillitis
  • preventive maintenance of complications for want of operations aorta-coronary of a shunting
  • treatment and rehabilitation natallis of pathologies at aborted and newborn children

The high efficiency of laser radiation in reflex-therapy is marked at influence on biologically active points, zone Zacharina-Geda. All kinds of radiation with different effect are used.

Low-intensity laser-therapy is effective at children with syndrome of a delay of development.

The efficiency of influences, as a rule, raises at the combined influences.

MACDEL-00.00.05 allows to realize all known techniques of "laser" treatment, and gives the unlimited opportunities of research and creation of new techniques, in area electro- and laser bioresonant therapy. The control system is compatible with IBM PC, that allows to unit the laser device and computer in a uniform treatment-diagnostic complex, i.e. there is an opportunity of the task of parameters of the executive devices from the computer, creation of the programs of management of any complexity, processing of the information from BAP, conducting a database of the patients.

Number of channels physiotherapy:
Red "continuous" laser4
the IR "pulse" laser
the IR "pulse" laser
Length of a wave of continuous radiation (λ)0.67
Length of a wave of pulse radiation (λ)0.67, 0.89
Pulse power on the end optical fiber P:
red laser, [mWt]not less 80
IR "pulse" lasers, Р [ Вт]3.0-15.0
Average power on the end optical fiber Pav :
red laser, mWtPav > 80
In a continuous modered laser, mWt40
(In a pulse mode)IR "pulse" lasers (max), mWt7.0-18
Frequency of recurrence of pulses f:
red laser, [Hz]0-200
IR "pulse" lasers, f [kHz]1-35
Low-frequency modulation IR-lasers (mode of a pack of pulses), F [Hz]0-200
Diameter optical fiber, [mkm]Ø600-1000
Time of an exposition, t [sec]1-9999
Dimensions, [mm]90×344×257
Weight, [kg]5
Electrode of Electro-reflex-therapy: the automated search BAP,
Frequency of influencing pulses of a current, [HZ]1-9999
Amplitude of pulses, [V]0.1-25.5

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