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MACDEL-00.00.09 infrared beam affects the sectors of ciliary muscle; as a result, it improves the nutrition of tissues and eliminates the accommodation spasm, which makes one of the major causes of developing myopia. No radiation affects the visual channel. The cycle of therapy includes ten procedures of 3 minutes each and is repeated every six months.

MACDEL set can make an indispensable part of your medical consulting room. It is characterised with small dimensions and weight with a wide range of preventive features and requires no special room or service.

These sets can be also used by junior medical personnel with the recommendation of ophthalmologists. We are ready to train your specialists to work according to MACDEL technology.

Who needs preventive therapy?
  • First group: children and teenagers up to 18 or 19 years.
  • Second group: pilots, automobile drivers, locomotive drivers (especially in underground railways), stone cutters, computer specialists, and others.
  • Third group: patients after myopia correcting operation (for example, LASIK); at the moment of operation to accelerate rehabilitation and prevent complications (of inflammatory nature) and in two or three years after operation and further to maintain vision at the achieved level.

Mechanism of effect:

  • elimination of the spasm in vessels;
  • increase in the transporting function of blood;
  • improvement in the structure of cells;
  • development in the network of microvessels.

Confirmation of efficiency and safety:

  • This technology is based on the fundamental research of Helmholtz Medical Research Institute and Ophthalmological Clinic. There are observations for many years and long-term results (application since 1991).
  • This technology is licensed for application by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health.
  • The procedure for pilots has been designed and tested in the Institute of Aerospace Medicine. The technology testing act for aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was executed by the Naval Commander-in-Chief.
  • There are numerous positive references of specialists, awards of exhibitions, medals of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, first-degree diploma of the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies.
  • Wide approval have been provided. Over 200 sets have been sold to all the regions of and to foreign countries. The number of patients is nearly 100 thousand.
  • In economically difficult years 1998 and 1999, the Government of Moscow purchased 65 sets for installation in paediatric polyclinics of all the districts of the metropolis.
  • This technology is applied by the Paediatric Polyclinic in the Medical Centre at the Office of the President of Russian Federation and by the Paediatric Polyclinic in the Moscow Medical and Sanatorium Association

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