Deposition of multilayer or multi-component metal and dielectric coatings, particularly for the purpose of nanostructure catalytic layers formation.

Technical characteristics:

  • planar magnetron sputtering system with target of 280 mm or multi-cathode magnetron sputtering system with targets of ø100 mm
  • high frequency cleaning of substrates before coating
  • sluice chamber for loading/unloading of substrates of ?200 mm (200?200 mm)
  • oil-free fore-vacuum system (turbo molecular or cryogenic fore-vacuum pumps)
  • microprocessor-based process control system
  • clean-room compatibility
  • Separate machines can be assembled into a cluster complex by connecting machinesĺ sluice chambers or handling module platforms

Deposition speed:

  • for metal layers up to 0.5 micrometers per minute
  • for dielectric layers up to 0.2 micrometers per minute
  • layer uniformity ±3%

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