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The device intended use is treatment and prevention a big list of diseases, as: osteochondrosis, arthritis, podagra, bone fracture, traumas, varicose diseases, neuritis, otitis, antritis, female breeding organs inflammatory diseases. The full list of MAGOFON-01 device indications and contra-indications see in operating manual.

MAGOFON -01 device curative effect: - positive effect on patient psychoemotional state resulting both in considerable rise of patient adaptation level that in its turn reduces oncological disease origination risk and other diseases predisposition.

MAGOFON -01 device is awarded gold medal at У EUREKA Ф innovation exhibition in Brussels.

Power supply alternating current mains: 50 Hz, 220V (-10%, +10%) or 230V (-10%, +6%).

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Made in Zelenograd

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