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Machine P-2

The machine P-2 has a modern controlling system on the basis of industrial computer and PLC-control units, new inverter power modules on the basis of IGBT technology for ionic source and arc atmometer, 3-channel gas bleeding in system with ability of automatic controlling of mixed gas total pressure in process chamber, and all this sharply widens functional and technological abilities of the machine and raises its capacity level. Full automatization of the process with high precision of technological parameters using modern power modules and controlling systems provides processes repeatability with improving coating quality. Using in electrical facilities elements of the best global producers improves performance reliability of the machine.

Basic specifications:Max measures of working parts
Diameter of circumscribed circle, mm120
Length, mm150
Pressure in chamber while depositing, Pa (mil. of mercury column)2.66 10-2 - 6.65 10-3 (2 10-4 - 5 10-5)
Pressure of cooling water at the input, Pa (kgf /cm2)9.8 10-4 - 19.6 10-4
verall dimensions of installation (length width height)4100 2500 2600
Weight of installation, kg3000

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