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Three versions are available:

  • MDRI6601 - CAN bus transceiver with UREF terminal
  • MDRI6602 CAN bus transceiver with SHDN input
  • MDRI6603 - CAN bus transceiver with nSHDN input

Communication lines under CAN standard, with data rate up to 1Mb/s in automotive and industrial control systems

Main features:

  • complies ISO 11898-2 standard
  • can be used in 12/24V automobile and industrial control systems
  • Data rate up to 1Mb/s
  • Inputs TXD, SHDN and/SHDN compatible with 3,3V logic levels
  • overheating protection
  • sleep mode
  • Power off mode (MDRI6602 and MDRI6603)
  • rise/fall time control circuit
  • Transmitter outputs short-circuit protection
  • Transmitter outputs high voltage protection up to 40V
  • High-speed differential receiver with input common-mode voltage range from -10 t +10
  • Supply voltage: 4.5 t 5.5V
  • Consumption current, sleep mode 1m
  • Consumption current, power off mode 10m
  • Consumption current, dominant state 60m
  • Temperature range: -60 +125 in metal-ceramic package

Our entire product has technical support during all life time and development tools if it needs

Datasheet for MDRI660x

Download MDRI660x.pdf datasheet

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