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MDRI9049 is a standard CMOS product containing two pairs of LVDS transceivers optimized for high speed and low power signal transmission applications. Due to the LVDS technology MDRI9049 transmits data at up to 400Mb/s rate. Transmitters of MDRI9049 accept LVTTL/LVCMOS signals and convert them into LVDS signals.

Receivers of MDRI9049 accept LVDS signals and convert them into full-swing LVCMOS signals. Its buffers at the LVDS inputs have an internal fail-safe biasing setting output HIGH signal when the inputs are floating. If En and /En are set accordingly, the outputs are herewith set to the high impedance state. All the transmitters and receivers are de-/activated simultaneously


Transceiver can be used for organization of serial half-duplex communication channel operating on high data rates. Most demanded applications of LDVS interface are video transfers, 3D graphics, pictures from video cameras, phones, LAN devices, etc.

Main features:

  • Data rate up to 400Mb/s
  • Power supply: 3.0 t 3.6V
  • TRI-STATE output control
  • Internal fail-safe biasing of receiver inputs
  • Low power dissipation
  • High impedance on LVDS outputs on power down
  • Conformance to IA/EIA-644- LVDS standard
  • Compatible with LVTTL/LVCMOS levels
  • Wide temperature range: -60 to +125 in metal-ceramic package

Our entire product has technical support during all life time and development tools if it needs

Datasheet for MDRI9049

Download MDRI9049.pdf datasheet

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