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Analyzers of lead-acid storage batteries Mega series


  • The Express-estimation of a condition of the lead-acid chemical power sources
  • The Analyzer allows to estimate of the power characteristics of the battery during 515 seconds without carrying out of long control electric tests


  • MEGA 001 or power sources of 12V
  • MEGA 002 or power sources of 6, 12, 24V
  • MEGA 003 for power sources with voltage from 2 up to 24V


  • Quality control of the batteries
  • Fast rejection of faulty batteries
  • Control of power electric circuits
  • Monitoring of the batteries
  • Selection of cells for the battery

Additional service functions:

  • Recording of 10200 measurements into non-volatile memory depending on the analyzer model.
  • Port USB, infra-red, 485 for connection to PC and saving of the report *
  • The Opportunity of direct printing of results (the built portable printer) *
  • Authorization of the report of measurements (statement of a digital signature) *
  • Monitoring of a condition the chemical power sources in operation *

* in the development

Basic characteristics
Feeding from the tested battery with the voltage, V5.5... 30
If the tested battery voltage is less 5,5V feeding from a built element, V (only MEGA 003)9
Consumed current from the battery in the test mode, mA, no more60
Consumed current in the indication mode, mA8
The range of a measured voltage, V
MEGA 0018.0... 16
MEGA 0025.5... 30
MEGA 0031.75... 30
The relative resulted error of measurement of voltage, %±1.0
The range of measurement of an ohmic component of internal resistance, mOm0.5... 300
The relative resulted error of measurement of an ohmic component of internal resistance, but not less than the price of the younger category, %± 5.0
The range of predicted capacities, Ah0.8... 250
The range of measured currents of scrolling, A1... 2000
The price of the younger category at the indication of resistance:
in a range up to 30 mOm, mOm0.001
in a range 30 300 mOm, mOm0.1
The relative resulted error of measurement of scrolling currents, %±10
The relative resulted error of the forecast of capacity, %±10.0
The range of measured temperatures, °C-30... +50
The relative resulted error of measurement of temperature, %±2.0
Time of measurement (depending on the battery) up to, sec30
The test signal of an alternating current, mA60
The discharge of the batteties for one measurement, no more, mAh0.25
Dimensions (length, height, width), mm208×45×108
Weight, g600
The voltage of the tested battery should not exceed, V30

Verification of the analyzers of lead-acid storage batteries

From the beginning of 2006 the verification of measurements of the analyzer of lead-acid chemical sources developed by Company Megaron is spent in Test laboratory Neva-Reglament

The analyzer is intended for the express-estimation of a condition of lead-acid batteries:

  • before the first use of new battery (an estimation of the electric characteristics declared by the manufacturer)
  • during the battery operation (an estimation of a condition and working capacity at real application)

Parameters of the express-estimation:

  • current of cold scrolling
  • maximal current of scrolling at the temperature of electrolit equal to an ambient temperature
  • start characteristics (duration of the discharge at constant value of the cold scrolling current or the maximal current of scrolling)
  • theoretical (maximal) capacity
  • residual capacity

Characteristigs fixed during the tests:

  • voltage at opened circui
  • temperature of electrolit and the ambient temperature
  • cell voltage
  • duration of the discharge

Indications of the analyzer:

  • on size of a current of cold scrolling
  • the maximal current of scrolling
  • start characteristics at temperatures +20, +12, 0 and-18°
  • degrees of the battery charge 100, 70, 50 and 20%

Made in Zelenograd

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