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Microinspection station MK-1, MK-1T

The MK-1 microinspection station is fitted out with the highest-rate optics with enlarged field of view. Using of a quintuple electromechanical nosepiece allows studying objects without a considerable loss of time for searching of the object after having changed the magnification (after changing of the objective the sharpness remains practically unchanged and the object under study remains in the center of the field of vision). The objects can be investigated in bright and dark fields and in polarization and differential interference contrast modes.

The station's design is highly ergonomic. It allows adjusting the tilt of the trinocular tube for operator's convenience, adjusting the eye base and carrying out the dioptric adjustment for operator's eyesight in a broad range. The magnification change is made through an electromechanical drive. An option is envisaged for fine and coarse accelerated displacement of the object stage and for easy switching between the modes. All this makes the work at the microscope not tiring.

The microinspection station allows carrying out the TV inspection in real time and the computer image analysis.

In accordance with customer's requests the microinspection station can be equipped either with a video camera or a digital photographic camera. Photographic/video adapters for the microinspection station can also be developed in accordance with photographic/video cameras available to the customer.

Instead of manual XY object stage an automated stage can be supplied together with control and movement devices.

To ensure the implementation of customer's requests PLANAR offers a large range of options to the microinspection station, which are custom-made.

Basic model specifications of the MICRO 200-01 microscope
Objectives (planapochromats)5x10x20x50x100x
numerical aperture0.150.300.450.800.90
magnification, x501002005001000
linear field of view, mm, no less than4.402.101.100.450.18
resolution, lines/mm, no less than400750120018002400
Maximal magnification, x (with options)4500
Nosepiecequintuple motorized
Object stagemanually controlled
Stage travel along X, Y, mm, no less than200x200
Stage travel along Z, mm, no less than27
Sensitivity of fine focusing, mm/revolution0.05
Power requirements~ 230V, 50Hz / 200W
Overall dimensions, mm750x530x500
Weight, kg45

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