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The device is designed for express non-destructive contactless local measurement of non-equilibrium charge carrier effective lifetime in silicon substrates, epi-wafers and solar cells at different stages of manufacturing cycle. It can be used for incoming and outcoming inspection of silicon ingots and wafers, tuning and periodic inspection of semiconductor and solar cell technology quality. Lifetime determination is based on measuring photoconductivity decay after pulselight photo-exciting with usage of reflected microwave as a probe.

Laser LED parameters:
wave length, nm975
power adjustment range at measurement zone, mW50 - 500
impulse length adjustment range, s2 - 64
Microwave generator frequency, GHz10
Measured object size:
height, mm< 210
width, mm< 210
length, mm160 - 300
Measurement minimal step, mm1
Resistivity, Ohmcm0,5 - 12
Measured lifetime range, s0,8 - 300
Consumed power (230V, 50Hz), W< 100
Dimensions, mm365?645?565
Weight, kg30

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